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Event 2 was the first ever evening race for our series that was held on the long track. While we had an idea where the time splits for the classes should be, after 5 days of rain, and a race day that started with near freezing temperatures and flurries in the air, the timing booth was thrown for a loop at first!  A few things became very clear, first being that the cold weather and extremely green track significantly dropped lap times, second, the long track seriously spread out the competition, and third that we had enough competitors to finally open up our GT3 class!

Our GT1 class was yet again a spectacle to watch.  The No Limits Auto Parts Corvette piloted by Greg VD, started on pole and managed to hold onto the lead until the second last lap when Joe I in his race-prepped BMW had made it through all the traffic and passed Greg with a blistering pace. Eventually traffic got between them and it looked like first place was out of sight for the Vette, until turn 20 of the last lap, checkered flag in view, something breaks on Joe’s BMW!  Now he is limping towards the finish line while Greg is closing fast! Alas, the gap was too large, and Greg was clearing turn 20 as Joe crossed the finish line. Not only does Joe finish his first race in our series, he also manages his first podium and win!  Greg is making a comfortable spot on that podium’s second tier while chasing that elusive BMW held top spot.  Our third place GT1 finish was also huge news, Mario G in the Street and Track Creative Subaru STI managed to not only step up to the GT1 Class this race, but also to take third place in the ultra competitive class.

The Splits for the GT2 and GT3 class had to be made after the race when the times could be analyzed more carefully given the extreme track conditions for the day. Top honours for the GT2 class were held by Matt E and Lorne E in the Edmonds Motorsports black and white fox body mustangs.  While Matt passed Lorne early in the race to take the lead, a quickly increasing pace from Lorne, and a flat-spotted and corded rear left tire for Matt meant that gap was closing fast, however by the end of the race Matt held on to the lead to take the win.  Lorne E stood on the podium for the first time since the inaugural race of this series in 2011.  Third Place in the GT2 class went to last year’s GT2 Champion Erwan J in his VW GTI, a phenomenal finish considering that he was originally gridded at the back of what became the GT3 class.  Erwan fought through all the traffic but just ran out of time before climbing those last two places.

Event 2 of the 2013 season marked the birth of our GT3 class.  While we didn’t know it until the end of the race when the times were being analyzed, it finally made sense to bring this class to life as there were enough competitors and they were fighting hard for every place on the tarmac, and excitingly the entire GT3 podium was held by series new-comers! First place went to Chris P in his red Miata, while Second Place was grabbed by Terry S in his three-wheeling Edmonds Motorsports Sentra SER, and Third Place went to Peter VD is the #96 CMP mustang.

Matt Edmonds

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